Thursday, February 22, 2007

A load of towels

02 20 07 012

My mind has been a blank lately. More so than usual. Maybe it's all these jobs I'm working, maybe it's too steady a diet of movies and Buffy after the kids go to bed.

You know, maybe it's actually having Bob around to talk to - it's not like we spend the days dissecting foreign policy decisions and deconstructing Thomas Mann, but we do have conversations that don't involve the phrase, "don't stick that there." Usually I only have those conversations in my head, and so they wind up here.

Or. The movies-and-Buffy theory is a pretty good one. We saw Casino Royale last week and I have spent a fair amount of shower and car time breaking that movie down in my head - comparing it to the (very weird) book, how it's different from all previous Bond movies, what's better about it, whether an English guy can really look that good with his shirt off.