Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Bear Story

The grand finale of Mr. Librarian's long, luxurious (for me) vacation between jobs was this play that he and the boys wrote and performed while I was at work on Saturday.

Synopsis: The Bear (Mr. Librarian) awakes in his cave. As he emerges, he steps on a thorn, then stumbles around, maddened with pain. Mistaking his agonized roars for aggression, the Hunter (Big Man) encourages his friend the Deer (the orange coat rack) to attack Bear, and the Woodsman (Mr. Three) chops down a tree in such a way that it will fall on poor Bear.

The Hunter is about to administer the coup de grace with his bow and arrow (wire hanger) when he notices the thorn in Bear's paw. He asks the Woodsman to take it out. Bear is so relieved and happy that he invites everyone back to his cave for a party, where they dance to the All Mighty Senators' cover of Should I Stay or Should I Go and drink mango juice.