Monday, February 04, 2008

We never ever do anything nice and easy

I don't think it's an immense violation of her privacy to state that Anger Hangover has had a birthday recently. Even if she sprang fully-grown from the head of Zeus, there would still be a day chosen to commemorate that.

While I was rummaging around for a card, I told my kids: "Hey, remember that silly lady who chased you around at the demolition derby? It's her birthday!"

So they sang, taking turns with the lines.

Mr. Four led off. "Happy Birthday to you!"
Big Man took the second line. "You live in a zoo!"
Mr. Four took exception: "She does not live in a zoo! She lives in a city!"
"But we're singing the monkey version! That's just how it goes!" explained Big Man.
"No No No No NO!" remonstrated Four.
"Ok, ok, sing it your way," grumbled Big Man.
"You LIVE in the CI-TY!" caroled my four year old.
"AND! You smell like one too!" Big Man finished up with a satisfied smile.