Friday, February 08, 2008

I want a girl with a short skirt and a long jacket

Our neighborhood is becoming something of a destination for cool, off-beat, and family oriented. Juicy Boy, Mr. Four, Big Man and I took a tour today, and this is what we found. We started at the kid boutique.

Bediboo robot ball

Gretchen at Bediboo, 4321 Harford Road, has cool diaper bags, European toys, baby slings in beautiful prints, kid clothes that are cute but never precious, and print-trimmed chenille baby blankets that I wish came in grownup sizes.

Rock Candy novelty candy

Then we went upstairs to the rock and roll candy boutique. Candy!

Rock Candy gummy heart

Joel and Angela at Rock Candy (also at 4321 Harford Road, upstairs from Bediboo) have the Vosges, the Art Bars, plus quality bulk candy, novelty candy, and, er, a gummy steak. They're gonna get me some Dutch licorice.

Spinster yarn display

Up the street a tick we visited the new yarn and spinning boutique!

Spinster wool for spinning

Andrea at Spinster Yarn and Fibers (site coming soon), 4337 Harford Road, has more yarn books than I've ever seen, spinning supplies, and pillowy rainbows of every fiber that could be twisted into string. Also, a giant chair and sofa for curling up with your knitting. She'll also be offering classes.

Me, I'm more a lover of yarn than a knitter of yarn. I can knit a scarf, but we're pretty much scarfed up right now, and I have no ambition to expand my knitting abilities. I have plenty of friends to take up the knitting slack. But I told Andrea I'd teach an embroidery class if she ever wanted to offer one.

All of these businesses are within horking distance of the Red Canoe bookstore cafe, Zeke's Coffee Roastery, and The Chameleon Cafe. Great Soul Wellness Studio, a little north at 4711 Harford Rd, will be opening Saturday, offering movement classes (yoga, dance, drumming, kids classes), as well as therapeutic services such as massage and acupuncture. Red Canoe is soon to have a jewelry shop upstairs, handmade beautiful and quirky stuff by our own beautiful and quirky Constance.

It's looking a little Park Slopey around here, and that's not bad. God, if we could just get some decent bagels the transformation would be complete.