Thursday, September 27, 2007

What's round and semitransparent and really really satisfying?

If you answered "fish eggs," I smell ya, sis! Sushi for everybody this weekend!

If you said "bubbles," you're three years old. Get off my site, you're too young for all this.

But if you answered, "bubblewrap," then THIS is for you! Thank you Ava for the link!

And if you answered, "a gearshift knob with the Virgin Mary inside," well, I sort of wish I could say I couldn't help you... but I can. For $18.95 plus shipping and handling, the Virgin of Guadelupe can reside in your car like Our Lady of Blessed Acceleration. While you're there, at my old friend, pick yourself up a dozen cascarones, blown eggs filled with confetti and covered with colored tissue paper.

Two tips about the cascarones, by the way:
  1. Hold onto them for a few months until the shells really dry out. They're shipped pretty fresh, so at first they don't splinter when you crack 'em, they just kind of crush.
  2. Don't use them at a friend's apartment, even when she's having a party. It will take her a while to get all the confetti vacuumed up, and she'll be kind of cranky about it.