Thursday, September 06, 2007

It's the little things

Little things like the little dead mouse I found behind the art supplies desk in the dining room. Foul. And I think the cats peed on him post mortem. Extra foul.

Things like the gnarled little item offered me by the neighbor boy last night.
"What is that? It looks like coral," I said.
"Eat it," he said.
And now I am totally addicted to Cheetos XXtra Flamin' Hot Cheese Flavored Snacks. Oh my god - is this a snack item developed especially for Asian immigrants? I have a higher-than-usual tolerance for spicy food, due to the hard work I've done dulling my taste buds with alcohol, cigarettes and coffee, but even I couldn't get through the whole bag.

Little things like the last guy Clive Owen kills in this extremely NSFW clip from the forthcoming (and apparently aptly titled) Shoot 'Em Up. You have to click through to see it but it's really really worth it.

A little thing that was almost a big thing: I heard a song on WTMD this morning that I LOVED. Thought the band would save rock and roll loved. Made me think of XTC and Firehose at the same time loved. Stopped in at the record store, bought the album, and the rest of it sounds like Dave Matthews or somethin. Awww.

Although, one more little thing about the pink hair: you walk into the record store and say, "I heard this song? And I'm not sure about the band name? Was it somebody... and The Pharmacists?" and if you have pink hair you still don't look like a doofus (or a 40-year-old mom, whichever comes first).

And a short little book thing: The Plain Janes, by Cecil Castellucci, which I must be the last librarian on earth to have read. I recommend it to all people for its art-positive real-feeling take on high school. Reminded me of Kirsten Miller's Kiki Strike, the second book of which hits the streets October 2. Not that Kiki Strike is at all real-feeling... or has anything to do with art... screw you, I just like girls being sneaky, ok? Read the damn books!