Saturday, November 11, 2006

"Stay connected to customers, partners and colleagues in today's fast-moving world"

Officially over 40 as of yesterday. It was a good birthday even though I spent a disheartening amount of it trying to get my new phone activated and the email set up and figuring out how to download audio books from the library and then upload them onto my phone.
  • Note to my workplace: the selection of e-audio books available through Maryland's Digital eLibrary Consortium is pitiful. Free, though - that is a plus.
  • Note to Verizon Wireless: just because I'm back doesn't mean I forgive you. I got my eye on you bitches.
Had a great lunch with Juliet and the kids at the Red Canoe, and a swanky dinner out. Mr. Librarian and the kids came through with cute presents, trinkets that I would never buy myself, and terrific cards and pictures.

I missed my annual phone call from Mr. Librarian's best childhood friend, an ex-Marine who calls me on my birthday and sings From the Halls of Montezuma. (My birthday is also the birthday of the Corps.) But he left a message, so I can play it over and over if I want. Third verse:
If the Army and the Navy
Ever look on Heaven's scenes,
They will find the streets are guarded
By United States Marines
Why do the streets of Heaven have to be guarded? From whom? And how come Marines don't get to relax even once they get to Heaven?

Nobody coughed up $3500 and bought me this, though - come on people how many hints do I have to drop?

But the best present of all came from Three. He woke up at about ten pm, dictated this note to the babysitter, and fell back asleep:
Dear Mommy,
I just love to see you. Don't run into skeletons. I love [Big Man] only when he's cool. I love drinking apple juice.
Happy birthday.
I love Mommy.
[Mr. Three]