Tuesday, November 07, 2006

"40-year-old part-time librarian from Lauraville"

So, The Examiner did an article on blogs Monday and mentioned Your Neighborhood Librarian. Even put this blog on their "Best Baltimore Blogs" list! To quote the too-modest Anger Hangover, who was on the same list, "...further proof that standards here in Baltimore really are getting lower."

I'm in the last two paragraphs of the article, quoted saying things that read as utter nonsense, and which may actually offend my co-workers - sad, because I have only two rules about my blog:
  1. I don't write anything I wouldn't want my (nine, count 'em, nine) sisters-in-law to hear about, and
  2. I don't write about work ever
But it's probably ok that I come off kind of insensitive and boring, because I'm described in the article as a "40-year-old part-time librarian from Lauraville," and, well, shit, who would read a word THAT person wrote? It's true, every word, but ow. I've never realized you could put those words together like that and be talking about me. Why couldn't I be a "freakishly tall multi-degreed mother of two?"

It's pretty neat to be in the paper, though (well, not THE paper, but the new paper, the free one that had everyone confused for a while: Is it the Pennysaver? Is the Reverend Moon involved somehow?).

But to put things into perspective: our friend Aimee had good news to announce on Monday, too - she has had an article accepted for publication in the International Journal of Epidemiology. Now THAT is impressive!