Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Nine sisters-in-law

Nice shoes, girls!, originally uploaded by pwilnyc.

Now this is only six of 'em, the six that are Bob's actual sisters. The other three came later, when his brothers got married.

  • Bottom step: Janie, public radio engineer
  • 2nd step: Mary, pediatrician; Bob, public schools executive; Anne, teacher (ret.)
  • 3rd step: Joe, practicing puppeteer; Therese, force of nature; Nancy, industrial designer at Fisher-Price (and source of much xmas joy)
  • 4th step: Paul, the father-in-law I never met; Patsy (with Ranger), cook and brain; Frances, everyone's mom; and Jim, who works for the diocese counseling kids and playing guitar.
  • Peter, the oldest, isn't in the picture. He's either taking it or away from home. This was 1971, Paul and Frances' 25th wedding anniversary.

You might think this would be a lot to marry into, and it is, really, it is. I love the noise though, and the music and laughter of this family. Look at all the smiles here - they're a happy group no matter what they say. (Not to mention, look at the shoes. I'd give a lot for Mary's platform slingbacks in this picture!)

Ever since Frances's health began to decline a few years ago they've been going through a lot. She died last spring and this weekend they got together and divvied up her stuff. I hope it was an occasion for stories and laughter, as always, even though I know it was sad too.