Monday, March 16, 2009

Lay your weary head to rest

Still has all his baby teeth

Conversation with my five-year-old boy.

YNL: I give you guys extra love at night so you won't have bad dreams.
Zhou: I never have dreams, so... [shrugs]
YNL: Well, that's not going to stop me. Better safe than sorry.
Z: I had a bad dream once, though. A duck walked into my room.
YNL: A duck? And that was a bad dream?
Z: You know how when you're not expecting something?
YNL: Sure, ok, I can see how that might creep you out.
Z: And I had a bad dream about a chicken shaking its booty. Wearing goggles.
YNL: Do... all of your dreams have birds in them?
Z: No, I had a dream about a tiger once. It was coming out of my closet. But that wasn't a bad dream.
YNL: The duck was a bad dream, and the tiger wasn't.
Z: Well... I was just making that up, about the tiger.