Tuesday, September 30, 2008

... and it will be called... "This Land"...

Zhou World, originally uploaded by your neighborhood librarian.

That's Penguin World down in the corner, with a piece of ice for them to stand on, and that's Mommy Love World with all the hearts. My land has a Target, and my land has a church. My land has a park, and my land has a river.

You see that X on the doorknob of the church? That's for "NO THIEVES" and also "NO CEREMONIES". You know why there's no ceremonies?

[No, no I don't]

Because see, here there's a PARK next door, and people might go swimming in the river from the park, and they don't want to bump into the bodies, and swim in all the blood, cause then they'd be like, "Ew, blood, I don't want to swim here!"

[And - why would there be bodies and blood?]

From the church! See, these lines are where they get thrown out!

[From - the ceremonies.]

Yeah! You know...

[I really really don't.]

When they do the ceremonies with the dead bodies? And they burn them, and then they're on fire, and where would they go? they'd throw them in the river!

[Well... SOME ceremonies in churches are funerals, where we say goodbye to people who have died... and SOME people's bodies are... burned... after they die, but they aren't just burned, like on a campfire or something, they are burned in a... well, an oven.]

Yeah, I know, in a kind of cup thing on stilts over a fire...

[... a what...?]

But MY town doesn't have to be like REAL LIFE because it's all (whispers) IN MY IMAGINATION!