Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Giuliani's out

Maybe if Ackroyd and Ramis had orchestrated his campaign... naw, he'd always be the petty, lipless, sepulchral squeegie-man castigator he was in New York.

I feel just like Bill Murray at the end of the clip above: "I'm gonna miss him...!"

So will the New York Times. Man, you get the feeling they have been waiting a LONG TIME to write this:
As Mr. Giuliani ponders his political mortality, many advisers and political observers point to the hubris and strategic miscalculations that plagued his campaign. He allowed a tight coterie of New York aides, none with national political experience, to run much of his campaign.
and this:
“His numbers were built on name recognition and celebrity,” this adviser said. “He had so many of his old friends around him, sometimes it was like he was running for president of Staten Island.”
I can't get enough:
Mr. Giuliani also relied on a New York-style approach to photo-friendly crowds. “Rudy went very heavy on Potemkin Village stops, working what I call ‘hostage audiences,’ “ Mr. Cullen said. “It looked like he was campaigning, but he didn’t know who he was talking to.”
This the most gleeful autopsy I have ever seen. If I feel like Bill Murray, I think the Times feels like Belushi dancing on Gilda Radner's grave.