Tuesday, January 08, 2008

'Cause nobody loves you when you're old and gray

Photo by David Yellen, from Hair Wars.

And just when my faith in humanity was all but shot, along comes Hair Wars. This knockout of a book, with sparkling, precise photographs by David Yellen and sunny, informative text by Johanna Lenander, documents and celebrates the Detroit-based Hair Wars tour, a showcase of outrageous feats of hair styling.

There are showgirl outfits made entirely of human hair. There is a monster truck made of human hair perched atop a woman's head. There are spiderwebs, there are bats. There are crowns, birds, helmets, a fishbowl, the Olympic rings.

Detroit Metro Times photos/George Waldman

The color! The eyelashes! The outfits! The models: beautiful real women, mostly African American and mostly not teenage stick figures. I imagine it takes stamina to sit for these hairdos. Lots of glue. Lots of glitter.

Lots of respect to the publishing company that put the money into this beautiful book, powerHouse Books of (where else?) Brooklyn, NY.