Saturday, June 02, 2007

From the midnight sun where the hot springs... blow

Token Boy Librarian surveys the Internet today and sighs, "Nothing interesting. Except they're gonna make a movie of Elric."

Elric! Red-eyed, pointy-eared, white-skinned Elric! He of the REEELY big, er, broadsword! and the huge hair! and he's, like 428th Emperor of BøyswhöreadElric Névergëtląid! And the guy who writes him is apparently honestly named Michael Moorcock.

Elric has inspired MORE fan art than perhaps even Dawnstar (speaking of tokenism) (although not as many people seem to have named their pets after him). Please for me click these few things:

I never read Elric. I had a boyfriend once who read Elric, a C++ programmer from New Jersey who also liked King Crimson and called his goals list (i.e. lose 30 pounds, learn Chinese, get a cat) "Apotheosis".

Good luck with that!