Saturday, October 28, 2006

So 'Good' - I spread it on toast!

We went to Philly today, Ac Nat Sci family field trip. Museum was terrific (even if the interactive kid exhibits were 85% nonfunctioning, dag is that frustrating), but the highlight for the boys was the gigantic smoking heap of smushed cars just as we entered the city; and the highlight for Mr. Librarian and myself was the Santorum for Senate billboard.

(Not my photo, went by too fast)
  1. Does Rick Santorum NOT know that Dan Savage has redefined his name? I mean... yummy! I mean... ew.
  2. "Good" is capitalized? Is he echoing grace ("God is great, God is good")? Is he mimicking Biblical usage? Either way, doesn't it seem like he's one letter away from stating "Santorum is God"? It kind of does to me.
  3. Furthermore, is capital-g "Good" gooder than small-g "good"?
  4. Who is the candidate here? Rick Santorum? or Santorum-is-Good? This weird construction makes it sound a little like it's Borat endorsing him.
  5. Please nobody vote for this freak.
On second thought, maybe a little santorum would be good for the Senate. In what way I can't imagine, but I think it couldn't possibly make things any worse.