Thursday, June 04, 2009

In me own words by Graham Roumieu - review

I don't do this often. But I gotta.

I was at Book Expo in New York last weekend, tramping around publishers' booths, telling them what a white-hot children's literature blogger I was and how they should send me free books all the time (some of them bought it - suckas), when I stopped in at the Manic D booth, ostensibly to look at the new Francesca Lia Block, but mostly because they were not displaying a single book about the rain forest or the solar system or bullying, except maybe one about how bullying can be a lucrative career choice for tween girls.

Anyway, I picked up this book and laughed my ass off. Despite my feet hurting A LOT and my shoulder carved into ruts from the 50 lbs of books I was lugging around in a tote bag. (Confidential to China MiƩville - OH MY GOD YUM.)

Ok. Listen. I not know where all you morons come from but holy water no hurt Bigfoot. Garlic and Crucifix also no. Fire, pitchfork, Silver bullet Ok. Cryptonite do nothing. It not even real. Please stop sending letters asking "What you vulnerability? What Bigfoot?" Like I tell. What next me bank account number? Why not you invest time in moving out of Parent basement? Maybe have sex or something.
It's Bigfoot's autobiography. Bigfoot is afraid of digital watches and Irish people. He never went to Vietnam. He's a nifty dancer and a would-be screenwriter and he mourns his pal Denis, who I think was a hamster. And I tell you all this and YET! Still not spoil!

The book is written and illustrated by Graham Roumieu (Cat & Gnome, A Really Super Book About Squirrels). It may be the only book I actually purchase for myself this year. When I read it aloud to my friends and co-workers, which I have done like three times tonight (Storytime? I got your Storytime RIGHT HERE), I use my Drunk Cookie Monster voice. What voice will YOU use?