Wednesday, June 10, 2009

East 55th and Euclid Avenue

In spring, I try to get them to let me cut their hair off. As an incentive, I offer to dye it if they like. It's only hair, and they're only children. Why not?

Today seemed like the perfect day for it - the house has recently been professionally cleaned in preparation for a Big Event on Saturday, and I'd like to keep it nice until then. Plus, they're off to see their uncles and aunties this weekend in the middle of tick territory, so short hair seems like a good idea.

Let's set this up:

This is their winter look. Well, Mao usually wears a shirt under his biker jacket, but I'm talking about the hair. That kid has such thick hair he's been compared to a) Danny Torrance and b) David Cassidy.

This is what we did today:

Ohh, how I wanted to leave a long shock on top, but once I started cutting, he just wanted it ALLLL off. I felt it too - I came very damn close to running those clippers around my ears and across the back of my neck. It would feel SO GOOD to get some of this stuff off my neck.

He wanted just one orange racing stripe down the side. Understated, is our Mao.

And the other?

Wanted to look like "Syndrome with a mohawk."

Eat his dust - that's MY boy.