Friday, May 30, 2008

Kind of at a loss for words

I almost titled this post "Let me lick your feet" but I know what kind of traffic that would get me. And then they'd be angry that I wasn't some kind of sandal fetishist.

Yesterday we made the cross-town trek to the giant Asian supermarket on the West side to stock up on rice wine vinegar, ramen in a bowl, and nori for Mao's lunch. Also picked up some staples for friends (seaweed salad for Sam, Pocky for poor root canaled dogfaceboy).

The nice manager gave me the ok to take a few pictures, which, take it from the only person I know to have ever been kicked out of Trader Joe's for suspected corporate espionage, is pretty unusual for a supermarket.

Compared to what we were used to in Chinatown in New York, this suburban market is huge and sparkling clean and has a massive variety of packaged, rehydrated, dehydrated, and house-made stuff, from every corner of Asia and parts of the Caribbean too. People of all flavors come from miles around - where else can you get durian, tindora, sour bamboo shoot slivers, duck sausage, fresh rambutan, jackfruit in a can, cooked dried whole anchovies, and a bucket of kimchi all under one roof?

Last night we sampled our purchases: bulgogi wrapped in lettuce leaves for dinner (thanks to Organizer Fairy's suggestion), acorn pudding for dessert. Acorn pudding? Sounds pretty weird - tastes weirder. I can't even find anything pertinent to link to. I have stumped the Internets.

Besides this lovely picture of the beef tongue and pig's feet, I didn't even take many pictures of the fresh meats and fishies, some of it so fresh that it... is.. still... ALIVE!

I may be a dedicated cook (then again, I may not be), but I draw the line at chopping something's head off myself.