Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Eat it!

cake tasting, originally uploaded by your neighborhood librarian.

My parents' 50th anniversary cake is coming from Charm City Cakes - Duff, the guy with the fancy cakes with the show on the Food Network. Ace of Cakes, that's what it's called.

We met with him yesterday to confer on the design, and came away with six samples to taste, which we shared with the kids. They took their job very seriously, as you can see.

The design of the cake will be based on my parents' china pattern - Wedgwood Florentine Black.

I thought about this a long time before I came up with the china pattern. Sure, it's classy but when you look at it close? VERRRRY weird. Griffins and sea monsters with long curly tongues. I've spent many a holiday dinner trying to figure out just what the fuck is going on in the border of her plates. It's like that scene in The Birdcage when Dianne Wiest thinks the young men on the bowls are playing leapfrog.

Anyway, I think it's a good compromise between her aesthetic (pink polo shirt) and mine (pink hair).