Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Your Neighborhood Librarian Is Done With Your Bullshit

Oh hey Seth I got a song for you too: "I saw your ass!
Sticking out the neck of your tux the other night."
So here it is, the Tuesday after the 2013 Academy Awards, and I am somehow not getting over my irritation with the sexist, anti-Semitic, selfish boys' room tone of that show. Oh, am I just a humorless bitch and I should get over it? Please see my previous posts on - oh just about anything - and decide for yourself if I have a sense of humor or not.

In fact, if anything, I am more pissed the more time goes by. That guy said of Salma Hayek, a fine actress with great comic timing who by the way could buy and sell Seth MacFarlane over breakfast with the hubs, "we have no idea what she's saying but we don't care because she's so attractive."

Oh my god. Fuck that guy. Not everybody, actually, is just here to give you wood. And you know, I find myself saying this - well, not a lot. But sometimes. So here you go.